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Using machine learning to find your focus zone

Based on years of research, we will help you make sure you are in focus zone and not just staring at the screen.

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What our Users Says

" This is super helpful if you have an addiction to a social media website and it's cutting into your productivity. Helps us news junkies realize how much time we're spending reading and not writing. "

Michael Morrell

- Wedge User

" Wedge for improved productivity! It's lightweight, with a minimum of the most important features, and works beautifully. "

John Seidel

- Wedge User

" This is a great extension, kept me a lot more focused to do my work. "

Robert Taylor

- Wedge User

Wedge Features

Noise Reduction

Block unwanted distractions like social media, streaming, news & push notifications

Focus Zone

Focused only on completing the task and maximize your productivity

Study & Work Playlists

Best music to listen while you are working depends on specific activities

Personal & Corporate Dashboard

Monitor your productivity, learn about yourself and how we can help you

Personal Trainer

Our experts will help you to improve your skills and increase your productivity

Brain Trainer Programs

Online brain training programs & applications